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All the same, and I have said it again and again, my own position remains what i have already set forth in drawing a distinction between a fact and a truth in the Bible. In this case too, the Bethlehem nativity might not be a fact, but for me it is the truthThis paragraph comes on the final page of this life of Christ by Shusaku Endo a japanese catholic novelist or maybe that is a catholic japanese novelist or maybe again a japanese novelist who happened to be a catholic. I belabour the point because i think this is at the heart of Endos work. He was a man proud of his heritage and sought to find a way of bringing the two into some form of co-operation. This book is a part of that attempt.Endo the novelist creates an emminently readable account of the life of Jesus in which he imagines the figure of Christ walking and preaching and sharing his ultimately rejected creed of love above all things. He speculates and illustrates and shines his own particular light on that time in our history.heartbreaking loneliness carved his face in lines that made him look older than his years, and still the disciples failed to understand.This use by Endo of his imagination is supremely effective and cleverly ties in with little anomalies of detail that we have in the scriptures.Endo the catholic forgets that not all his readers will be as familiar with scripture and the history of religion and prophecy as he is and therefore he assumes a good deal of prior knowledge which as a result might make the book rather obscure for many readers.Endo the japanese intellectual, seeking to educate and ally heritages and cultures becomes very repetitive as he again and again attempts to lay groundwork for future relflection. This can be annoying as the drip drip drip occurs not just in chapters divided by many pages but in pages divided by just a few paragraphs.On a number of occasions he recognizes his repetitive streak; as i have said many times is actually a phrase which he writes many times. Is this humour? I dont think so no, just poor editing. You do not get the impression that Endo re-read much and perhaps allowed inspiration to cloud judgement a number of times here. His oft repeated phrase with which I, as a believer would wholeheartedly agree, probably would not convince many outside of belief for obvious reasons.Faith far and away transcends the trivialities of non-essential fact, and because in the depths of their hearts the believers of that generation wished them so, the scenes are therefore true .This is one of the major difficulties with the book it seems to me. If he was writing it so as to share his own faith then his opinions and visions sparkle and shine from the page and i think the book is a lovely entry into this writers mind but if he is attempting to bring others nearer to a sense of God rather than enabling them to see his own faith journey then i think it would fall down; simply because it is too much based on nothing more than his novelists mindset.Having said all that i found it a fascinating off centre view which serves to shed light on this person who has had and indeed continues to have a profound affect in the lives of millions of people. Many years ago I remember reading Kazantzakis book The Last Temptation of Christ and being struck by the different light it shed on the person of Christ for me. It was not that of the traditionally accepted orthodox view but that served to enrich my ideas simply because it reminded me of how ridiculous it would be for us to assume we had Jesus sorted, that we could claim we had discovered and understood everything there was to discover or understand about Him. Endos book, to a lesser extent, does much the same.His account of Jesus arrest and trial is an interesting exercise in imagination and re-construction and though Endo continually points out it is just that, it serves to enliven and re-invigorate a picture which, for the believer, can too easily become samey and dry.His final chapter though, entitled the Question, is the one i found most fascinating and inspiring. Endo asks the simple question How were a cowardly, traitrous bunch of gobshites....I paraphrase....transformed into men of courage and inspiration ? Was it by guilt, their own insight or something momentously electrifying which turned everything previously held upside down ? He is a Christian himself so you can probably guess his explanation. The chapter would not convert or change the opinion of someone who does not believe in resurrection into believing but as i read i genuinely do not think that was his intention.This is a paragraph i found so lovely about halfway through the book.The God of love, the love of God -the words come easy. The most difficult thing is to bear witness in some tangible way to the truth of the words. In many cases love is actually powerless.Love has in itself no immediate tangible benefits. We are therefore hard put to find where the love of God can be, hidden behind tangible realities which rather suggest that God does not exist, or that He never speaks, or that He is angry.Endos point was that the whole of Jesus ministry was putting that difficulty centre stage and answering it by His life, death and continued action of faith in His father. Once again, I do not think it would convince anyone who was not already convinced but it is a sincere reflection. It puts different shading on the story as if a two dimensional picture suddenly has the third dimension added and light and shade enhances and changes a previously well known and perhaps overly familiar canvas.I for one, as a believer, found it moving and thought provoking and therefore a goodread

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