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The story begins as 52-year-old Jamie Matthewson falls to his death on a solo climb better suited to a younger man. Rob Dewar, a long-ago friend and climbing partner, hears of the death and returns to Wales to offer condolences to Jamies wife and mother. The death stirs up memories for Rob, and he begins telling the story of their boyhood and young adult friendship and climbing adventures. This story is interspersed with the story of their parents during World War II and how they all met and married. This book has everything in perfect measure---love, betrayal, death, humor, excitement, and perfectly timed secret revelations. Theres a line in the book where Rob is describing the essence of mountain climbing: You deliberately put yourself in an idiotic position, and then you work as fast and as efficiently as possible to get yourself out of it. You taunt danger and step aside. When I ran across that line late in the book, I thought it perfectly described not just climbing, but the behavior of all the characters in the book as they do their little relationship dances and try to avoid being hurt or being found out. This story is pieced together like a fine mosaic. You dont appreciate the true craftsmanship of the author until youve finished the book and can stand back and look at the completed picture and marvel at the way it was put together. So much care and subtlety went into its creation. I love the way Simon Mawer assumes intelligence and deep thought on the part of the reader. He tells you enough to make a great story without spelling out every detail. Some things you are left to ponder and draw your own conclusions. How much did Jamie know, and how much of his behavior over the years was influenced by that knowledge? And what would have happened if...?

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