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Karen, after being attacked by a group of classmates, ends up in a coma in this world, and awakens as a fox in another world. She befriends a young man named Mowl who has been accused of being a traitor and is on the run himself. Mowl believes Karen Fox is an arl, a mystical being in the form of an animal. As Karen attempts to help Mowl, her grandmother tries to pull her back to this world.This was a strange book. It was donated to my library but I chose not to add it to our collection (its a slightly older title, and just a little weird), mostly because the premise of getting Karen to the other world involved a girl who believed her boyfriend cheated on her with Karen. So she gathered a group of her friends who beat Karen into a coma. I was hoping that Karen would develop some kind of self-confidence in the fantasy world in order to deal with this situation in the real world (view spoiler)[ but that never happened. Karen instead chooses to die in the real world and continue to live, transformed from a fox to a human, in the fantasy world (hide spoiler)]

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